My philosophy

You may be familiar with the concept from golf: the professional, or PRO, is both trainer and coach. The PRO’s job is to help golfers improve the weak spots in their game, giving tips, demonstrating tricks, and providing students with the tools to continue learning on their own. The PRO is proud of the students’ progress and sooner or later, they only need his help once in a while or not at all. This illustration from the world of golf beautifully demonstrates how I approach and fulfil my responsibilities in the field of personnel management.

MOSBACHER GmbH- ACTIVE HR actively, competently, and comprehensively supports companies in recognizing the leadership responsibilities of HR management. My mission as an external HR professional is to refine your approach to personnel management by working with you as intensely and for as long as necessary and by being there for you whenever you need or want my help.

Since organizations with 80 employees or less are not required to have a formal HR department, external HR management fits perfectly in providing the support they need at a price they can afford.  Since 2000, I have provided my seasoned HR expertise to a variety of companies in various sectors on a permanent or contractual basis. As a result, over the years I’ve encountered numerous scenarios which have put this expertise to the test. These experiences have provided me with a deeper understanding of what it means to be successful in personnel management. In the course of this role, not only have I regularly made decisions regarding operational leadership and personnel activities, conceptual planning, and strategic decision-making, by coaching effectively I leave behind stronger more independent teams.

I have learned from experience that I can strengthen both management and employees through highly effective tailormade training programmes allow them to successfully take on HR processes themselves. This, in turn, saves the company money and increases their HR competence.

As an external professional, I bring wide-ranging HR experience, above-average commitment, competence, passion, a well-honed sense of perception and a great degree of loyalty to my clients to the table. In my experience, trust and respect are absolutely essential for the success of any collaborative effort, and communication and openness are best served by creating goal-oriented solutions to contribute to the company’s successful continued development.


  • Training

    Do you want to expand and refine your leadership skills?

    Take advantage of my target -group oriented, custom-tailored training materials covering all HR topics including leadership, conflict management, leadership tools, discussion and interview skills, personnel administration, labour law, personnel and team development. With my range of services, I can help you and your organization become competent and competitive in all personnel processes: tailor-made and practise-oriented.

  • Personnel Selection

    Are you lacking the time to deal with the advertising process of vacant positions, holding interviews, do research and gathering references? I am available to handle various advertising channels, the pre-selection process and applicant management as you need.


    I propose to conduct candidate interviews together with you. My neutral second opinion facilitate your decision making. I propose to assist you trough my structured interview style, work samples or master management personality profiles (MPA) developed in collaboration with your candidates. I have extensive experience in drafting work contracts and agreements, as well as developing, onboarding and probational assessment plans for new employees.

  • HR Processes and Projects

    Do you need employment regulations, a structured interview questionnaire, an employee satisfaction survey, or an assessment system?

    Let’s develop tailormade and practical HR concepts and structuring HR processes in a smart and easy way. In doing so, I take a variety of factors into account: your needs, your size of the organization, your strategy and your goals. I accompany and support you in introducing and implementing the changes needed.

  • Personnel Administration

    Are your company’s day-to-day operations eating away at your time? Do you lack the resources or know-how to create employment references, forms and checklists or to optimize HR processes? Do you have a high number of vacant positions, pending contract changes or dismissals awaiting processing? I ‘m jumping into it and take the pressure off of you while transferring my knowledge to your organization.

  • Personnel Support

    Are you dreading a difficult discussion with an employee? Are you planning personnel changes but are not certain what the legal consequences may be and are looking to minimize your business risk? Do you need to dismiss some employees and are looking for neutral and competent support to allow you to do what you have to the right way and as well as possible? I will be at your side as long as you want, helping you handle even the most challenging and sensitive HR processes in a professional, goal-oriented, and socially-conscious manner.

  • HR Substitutions, HR Interim Management

    When taking on a temporary HR position in a larger SME or a large organization, I proceed sensitively and discreetly, filling the gap left by the vacancy and bridging vocational voids in your personnel management competently and reliably. My expertise allows me to adapt to unfamiliar work environments faster than average and to make optimal use of limited time. Depending on your needs, I provide operational continuity or implement changes. Naturally, I will organize the transition for the returning employee with the same care and attention to detail.

  • Startup Counseling- just in time & on demand

    Have you founded a company and are looking for support in the HR duties and processes that are now arising? Are you looking for a PRO to support you as a business partner in reaching your ambitious goal, growth with employees?


    As a startup, you have particular needs and are looking for pragmatic, contemporary solutions at a fair price. I can offer you my extensive know-how, proven tools and templates for the entire personnel process, and the corresponding transfer to your organization as well. Naturally, I will also actively support you in implementing the above for as long and with as broad a scope as you wish and your budget allows.


I began my career path with a business degree, which I then supplemented with a federal professional certificate in human resources and a postgraduate degree in human resource development. In addition, I have completed further education in strategic personnel management, master personal analysis (MPA), coaching (NLP), adult education (SVEB1), and an HSG executive diploma in SME management. I speak Swiss German, German and English.

My project documentation is exact and transparent, I always adhere to the agreed-upon budget and calculate services rendered exclusively according to effective expenses. My hourly rate depends on the complexity and duration of the assignment at ranges between 160 and 200 CHF (taxes not included).